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  • Measuring

    Modern measuring solutions with Sokkia NET-1 device, even in real-time 3D

  • Welding inspection
    Welding inspection

    Our non-destructive material inspectors have VT-2, UT-2, PT-2, MT-2 qualification in accordance with EN-ISO9712.

  • Corrosion protection
    Corrosion protection

    The inspection process of the products cannot be omitted even after the surface treatment

  • Certificates

    We have all national and international certificates required for steel structure production and execution

The company Rutin is committed to high quality. For this purpose we apply the quality control approaches, requirements, methods and rules of the international and European market. The primary objective of our product and process control is to sort out the eventually arising defects as soon as possible, for this reason our control system consists of several levels. Our modern testing equipment allow us to measure our products during production and erection, in accordance with the requirements of diverse international standards and regulations. 

Our company has the following certificates:


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