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  • Material

    The materials are purchased in every case project-specific and these are provided with an incoming number. Hereby we ensure the traceability of the incoming materials.

  • Lifting capacity
    Lifting capacity

    In our production workshop even the lifting and handling of parts with a weight of 40 tons are not challenging!

  • Pipe cutting
    Pipe cutting

    Our CNC-controlled Müller Opladen pipe cutting machine allows the cutting of pipes with a diameter of even 900 mm with any penetration and weld preparation.

  • Corrosion protection
    Corrosion protection

    Our painting department provides the corrosion protection of the produced parts with airless technology.

The materials and devices required for our production processes are purchased from qualified Hungarian and international suppliers.

The production starts in every case with the grit-blasting of the raw materials. The cutting of profiles is carried out by CNC-controlled cutting machines, disc cutting equipment and band-saws. The plate materials are cut by flame- and plasma-cutting machines and plate shears depending on their thickness. We are able to prepare penetrations with our two CNC-controlled pipe cutting machines, further we have also plate rolling capacities.

The assembly process is supported by precision measuring devices, which can perform also 3D-adjustments and measurements.

The welded joints are executed by our high qualified welder team. We apply consumable electrode shielded-arc welding. However the flux, AWI, coated and cored electrode and stud welding technologies are also characteristic.

Upon demand we finish the production process with the application of a coating system prepared with airless technology.

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