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  • Rutin in the World
    Rutin in the World

    The structures produced by our company can be found almost all over the world.

  • Rutin Ltd.
    Rutin Ltd.

    Our dynamically developing company offers complex solutions on every field of steel structure production.

  • Rutin in numbers
    Rutin in numbers

    66.000m2 total area, from this 23.000m2 production hall with cranes, steel structure production of maximum 12.000 tons/year.

Welcome to the website of RUTIN Kft.!

The company Rutin is a private company established in 1990 in Dombóvár, which is dealing with complete construction works. Our main field of activity is the engineering, manufacturing nd erection of diverse steel structures. The last decades and the technology success of the company is proven by the production and erection of thousands of building structures and thousends of tons of other steel structures. We have great experience in the production of unique structures, our products can be found on the area of mining, energetics, chemical industry, trading, amusement industry and agriculture. The buildings, bridges, stadiums, roller coasters and industrial structures can be found worldwide, these certify our professional competence.

The company Rutin offers its customers the rapid execution of creative and complex solutions of international standards both on the domestic market and outside the Hungarian border.



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