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Rutin Ltd. - HeadQuarter; Dombóvár, Hungary
Rutin Ltd. - Office in the Capital of Hungary
Our office in MOM Park in Budapest, Hungary.

The company Rutin Ltd. is a building venture in family property established in 1990 in Dombóvár, which deals basically with general contracting. Our main profile consists of construction, production and erection of steel structures.  We have also numerous experiences in other construction methods (reinforced concrete structures, masonry structures).

The last two decades and the technological success of the company Rutin Ltd. Was designated in the manufacturing and erection of more than 3.000 building constructions an more than 100.000 tons of other steel structures.

The internal financed property and real assets investments of the previous decade (approx. one million EUR/year) have created a solid basis for our company. Today Rutin operates the biggest steel structure manufacturing infrastructure in Hungary.

On an area of 66.000 m2 there are 23.000 m2 production halls equipped with cranes, with an annual capacity of 12.000 tons available.

We apply 3 standard building types (Rutin Euro, Rutin Truss and Rutin Metal) during the execution of our buildings, which considering the span, length and height can be flexibly adjusted to the customer requirements.

Our steel structures are accordingly suitable for an application in the industry, trade, agriculture, storage, education, culture and sports.

We have great experiences in the manufacturing of individual constructions. In this regard we have serious references on the area of the chemical, oil and cement industry and energetics and entertainment respectively.

We are proud, that our structures can be found on every continent of the world.

Our sales office in Budapest operating already since 10 years and our engineering office in Pécs – which deals with the complete engineering of steel structures – complement and support our work.

Our technology certified according to the standards EN 1090, DIN 18800, DIN 15018, ISO 3834 and ISO 9001 allows the execution of individual and venturesome concepts.

The employees of the company Rutin Ltd. do not manufacture products for mass market demands: they admit and prove with their activity, that the problems of our customers can only solved by Rutin itself. In order to be able to solve these problems as partner, the company continuously develops also its team additional to the application of the most modern technologies according to the requirements, so they can comply with the occurring demands and requirements.

The Rutin Ltd. offers the execution of creative and complex solutions quick and on an international quality level both inland and outside the frontiers.

                                                                          June 2012


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